Ah, a question that doesn’t always have an easy answer.

What do you call yourself?
I’d love to know. Use the survey tool to the left or post a comment below.

Do you use one of the “standard” titles?

  • life coach
  • business coach
  • executive coach
  • corporate coach
  • professional coach

Do you incorporate your niche or specialty?

  • career coach
  • relationship coach
  • transition coach
  • creativity coach
  • leadership coach
  • team-building coach
  • ADD/ADHD coach

Do you reference your training?

Are you California woo-woo?
(I live in the San Francisco Bay Area so I can say that, right?)

  • achievement coach
  • empowerment coach
  • motivational coach
  • self discovery coach

Okay, so I’m having some fun here, but it is an important topic. A lot of coaches struggle with what to call themselves.

For example, a client was recently redesigning his business cards and needed to decide what to put on his cards. The main focus of his business is high end one-on-one coaching.

He works with senior level executives, small business owners and sole proprietors. Most of his clients are in high tech and live in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area.

The majority of his coaching would be considered life coaching, although he definitely does some strategic/business/career coaching with his clients.

He is also a PCC, Professional Certified Coach through the ICF.

He considered these options:

  • life coach
  • business coach
  • executive coach
  • professional certified coach

He chose professional certified coach and he feels good about his decision.

What do you think? Post your comments below!