winterOne of the single biggest challenges you can ever face is when a client, friend or family member is having a MELTDOWN… over something like a death, divorce, job loss, health crisis, etc.

Do you step up to the moment and say the right thing?

Or do you put your foot in your mouth and make a bad situation even worse?

Join me this Friday for a special live teleseminar where I’ll be interviewing my friend Aurora Winter about…
“How To Help (and Cope with) a Client Who Is Having A Meltdown”

Friday, December 6th @ 12 noon Pacific

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Aurora is an EXPERT at helping people get through meltdowns. Fast.

She’s been through it herself (her husband died next to her when she was 31 and their son was 4), and she’s also helped and trained thousands of others to get through it, too.

What originally took her years to recover from (which is typical), she now helps people get through in a matter of a few months.

She knows the shortcuts.

If one of your clients or friends gets hit with a massive crisis …

=> Do you know how to handle it?
=> Do you know how to help them?
=> Do you know what to say?
=> And more importantly, do you know what NOT to say?
=> Do you know how to guide them safely through the minefield of tragedy and grief?

When you learn what to say and do when someone reveals some heartbreaking news…
You take the connection to a deeper level, turning clients into raving fans that sing your praises and send you referrals and business for life.
Learn what to do when a client has a meltdown.

Here’s what you’ll discover on this live call:

=> The best and worst things to say to someone in crisis
=> 3 critically important keys to that first conversation
=> The fundamental difference between grief coaching and therapy … and which one is more effective
=> Myths that keep people stuck … and how to vaporize them in seconds
=> The Peace Method® Aurora’s trademarked 5 step coaching process for putting meltdowns on ice … fast
=> The single most important thing most people miss
=> And much more!

Wouldn’t you love to KNOW that you have the skillset and ability to turn an awkward moment into a deep connection?

Wouldn’t you love to turn clients into raving fans?

Wouldn’t you love to have a fully stocked “Crisis-Survival” toolkit to help your friends, family, and yourself?
If you don’t know Aurora, you’re in for a treat.

Formerly a film and TV executive producer, Aurora Winter is now a coach trainer, author, and speaker. She is frequently featured in the media, including CBS-TV, FOX-TV, ABC-TV, Oprah radio, and Elle magazine to name a few.
A young widow, Aurora is now dedicated to helping others flourish once again after life-changing incidents such as a divorce, death, health issues, or other challenges.