Has anyone ever told you that coaching can’t really be explained, that it can only be experienced?

I say that’s a myth! Not only is it possible for you to explain how your coaching works, you MUST be able to do so in order to attract and secure new clients, grow your practice and create a sustainable and thriving business.

Here’s Why: People need to believe that your coaching will be effective. They need to understand how you are going to help them achieve the results and changes that they desire in order to feel comfortable and confident about hiring you.

In the Coach & Grow R.I.C.H. system we call this knowing your “How” and the good news is if you’ve coached clients, you already have your “How” within you.

Here’s an exercise that will help you determine your “How.”

1. What do you do with a client in the first session?

2. What do you typically do after that?

3. Then what do you do?

4. What typically happens next in the coaching relationship?

5. Then what do you do?

6. Keep answering “What happens next?” and “Then what do you do?” over and over until you can’t think of any more situations that come up or things that you typically do with clients.

7. Next make a list of any assessments, tools or exercises that you use with clients.

8. Then make a list of the beliefs, themes or principles that you incorporate into your coaching.

9. Read through what you have written so far. Do you notice any themes or patterns?

10. Finally, organize what you have written into 3 – 7 main steps or areas that you work on with clients.

Here’s a Sample “How” for a life coach who helps clients
design and live a more fulfilling, balanced and fun-filled life.

“I use a four step coaching process with my clients. First, we identify what having a fulfilling, balanced and fun-filled life looks like for you. It is much easier to attract something new into your life when you are clear about what you really want. I have some powerful exercises that will help you quickly gain clarity.

Next, we identify at least three ways that you can experience more fulfillment, balance and fun in your life right now. This is often a lot easier than you might think!

Building on that forward momentum, I support you in creating your ideal life plan. The ideal life plan includes specific action steps in two primary areas: eliminating the things that drain your energy and no longer serve you and creating new habits and ways of being that truly enliven you.

Finally, as your coach, I keep you focused, motivated and accountable as you implement your life plan. As you know, change isn’t always easy. Setbacks can occur. Limiting beliefs may surface. Through our coaching you will discover how to overcome any challenges that may arise, enabling you to continue steadily forward as you create and live a more fulfilling, balanced and fun-filled life.”

Doesn’t this sample do a good job of explaining how this coach works with clients? It clearly and concisely describes the coaching process and what a client can expect.

Knowing your “How” and being able to confidently share it is key for attracting and securing new clients. In fact it is one of the 5 critical steps in…

The Coaching Business Blueprint.

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