How to Transition From Full-Time Employee to Full-Time CoachIt took me almost 3 years of going through coach training and coaching clients on the weekends before I finally got the courage to make The Big Leap and leave my full-time software sales and marketing job to launch my full-time coaching business.

And then… after I made The Big Leap… it was a lot harder to attract and sign up new coaching clients than I expected. DOH!

It was like a rollercoaster with lots of ups and downs. I did some things right and I made a whole bunch of mistakes!
In fact, I was just about to give up when I realized that “I didn’t know what I didn’t know,” so I enrolled in a business-building program for coaches and that changed everything for me.

Have you already made The Big Leap? If so… Congratulations!

If you’re not yet coaching full-time and it’s what you want to do…
…let me help you avoid the “downs” and “mistakes” that I went through and I see SO MANY coaches needlessly experiencing.

“How to Transition From Full-Time Employee to Full-Time Coach”

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Check out what you’ll discover…

  • The Top 3 Reasons why so many coaches fail to successfully launch their coaching business, and what you can do to avoid these deadly mistakes.
  • The #1 Most Important Skill you need in order to grow your coaching business quickly.
  • How to choose if a “Fast” or “Slow” transition will work best for you.
  • How to determine the amount of finances you need to make the transition… And what to do if there is a big gap between that number and where you are right now.
  • Which business-building elements to focus on first… And which ones to hold off on.
  • How to consistently build your belief and confidence, even when you’re experiencing self-doubt … And MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Find out how to go from Employee -> Coach

Here’s to making “The Big Leap” and zipping down the road to your thriving, rewarding and profitable coaching business!
You rock,

michelle schubnel-Michelle