Ready-To-Get-PublishedWriting a book is one of the best ways to share your message, establish your expertise and attract a lot more pre-qualified clients.

It makes sense.

3,000 years of history have made “The Book” the ultimate symbol of expertise, and its author the go-to person on the subject.

(After all, s/he “wrote the book on it,” didn’t s/he?)

What you may not know – I didn’t – is how you can use your book to attract top-tier clients and bring in lots of new revenue BEFORE it’s complete. (Hint:  All you need is a working title!)

That’s why I’m so excited for this training webinar. I’m interviewing legendary book publishing expert John Eggen about how to write a transformational book fast and use it to attract motivated, high-paying clients, even before it’s published.

Have you thought about writing a transformational, client-attracting book?

Want to discover how to get it done FAST and start leveraging “The Author Credibility Factor” to attract new clients right away?

Then don’t miss this training-style interview so you can get the inside scoop…

“Write a Transformational, Client-Attracting Book Fast that Makes Up to $150,000 Before It’s Published”

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, October 9th, at 12 Noon Pacific (3pm Eastern)

PLACE: The comfort of your home or office. (Teleconference)

NOTE: Attend the live and get access to three valuable free gifts that will help you write this type of high-caliber book. (One of them alone is worth $500)

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In addition to working with well-known authors, John has also helped nearly 1,000 coaches, business owners and independent professionals benefit from these same low-cost, high-leverage book publishing strategies.

Here are some of the in-depth questions I’ll be asking that you’ll get answers to:

=> Why now (more than ever) a book can bring you more and better clients who will gladly pay you the fees you deserve

=> How to write and publish a high-caliber, client-attracting book in as few as 90 days

=> The top 5 ways to attract new clients and make up to $150,000 from a book before it’s even published

=> Why traditional publishing can work against you and how insiders really use a book to attract clients and create multiple income streams

PLUS… John agreed to do live, interactive Q&A at the end so you can get your questions answered.

If you’ve ever thought about writing a book to attract clients, and you want to get the insider secrets on how to do it as quickly, easily and profitably as possible, don’t miss this!

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It’s your time.