Here’s a scenario to help explain a common coach pricing mistake.

Have you ever had an experience like this…

Let’s say you’re excited to send flowers to a dear friend for her birthday.

So first you explore which website/company to use, checking out who has the best deals, best value, do they deliver to her address, etc.

Then, after you pick the company, you now have to select a specific floral arrangement…

Would she like roses or a mixed bouquet better? Are fragrant flowers her thing or is she scent sensitive? Should you send them in a box or in a vase?

Whew… After considering all those factors, you finally choose a Bouquet you’re sure she’ll love.

With a smile on your face you click through…

Coach Pricing Article

And then you see that you have to make yet ANOTHER DECISION…

You need to Select an Option:

GOOD “Simply Sweet”
BETTER “Full and Lush”
BEST “Bountiful Blooms”

UGH! More choices?

You don’t want to be cheap, but you’re focused on growing your savings and wonder if GOOD is good enough or if BEST is worth the extra money.

And with each new decision you have to make, the process of sending flowers, a purchase you want to make, becomes not pleasurable, time consuming and quite frankly a little overwhelming.

So how does this relate to coach pricing and packaging?

When packaging and pricing your coaching, don’t be like the floral companies and require your clients choose “GOOD, BETTER or BEST.”

This is a mistake a lot of coaches make. They give potential clients a menu of options (ie: 2 sessions/month, 3 sessions/month, 4 sessions/month, etc.) vs. offering one main results-oriented coaching package/program.

The confused mind doesn’t buy, so you want to make it an easy YES for people to hire you as their coach.

Most people don’t know how much coaching they need or will be beneficial. And if given multiple options people generally choose… 

,,,the fastest, cheapest and easiest way.

That’s why, during the client enrollment process you want to be able to say something like, “Based on what you’ve told me about your situation and what you want to achieve, I recommend my “Results-Oriented Name” Coaching Package/Program. Would you like me to tell you more about it?”

You can then share the key details about your coaching package/program in a way that focuses on the results and benefits while still including the necessary features and specifics.

And then ask,  “Would you like to hire me to be your coach?”

Don’t make them decide if they want good, better or best.

Make it a simple and easy for them to say YES!

Now you might be thinking, “Michelle, what if I have other ways of working with clients, such as VIP Days, Retreats, Live Events or Group Coaching Programs?” 

First off, I’d congratulate you, because having multiple ways of serving clients is one of the secrets for creating a highly profitable and rewarding coaching business.

But just because you have a full menu of services, doesn’t mean you have to offer all of them at once.

Instead, give your potential coaching client a specific recommendation, a clear next step.

When you do this well, they are much more likely to take it, than if you gave them multiple options that can have them start feeling indecisive, confused or overwhelmed. 

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Or post a comment below and let me know what you think about this approach to coach pricing and packaging!