Power of CoachingYesterday during my coaching session with my private coach I was once again reminded of the power of coaching.

First, as we were reviewing my annual plan, including income goals, revenue streams, marketing initiatives and more, my coach helped me see that my plan had a fatal flaw.

Initially I didn’t want to acknowledge what he was pointing out. But then he asked me some powerful coaching questions that illuminated the blind spot I hadn’t seen myself.

That’s the thing about blind spots – it’s SO hard for us to see them on our own!

Next, we addressed a project I had been procrastinating on. Instead of just having me set a new deadline, we dove into the reasons why I was procrastinating… the insights gained were so powerful and motivating that I took action right after the call and now the project is moving forward.

Then, as we were about to wrap up, my coach checked in on a personal issue related to my marriage that we had first discussed about two months ago. Even though I think of him as my “business coach” inevitably life stuff comes up.

And while I didn’t have this personal issue on my agenda for yesterday’s coaching session, I so appreciated him bringing it up. He reminded me of what I said I wanted and why it’s important to me. That short discussion reconnected me to the big picture and inspired me to commit to an action step that I had been thinking about but would still be on the back burner without his insightful inquiry.

Yesterday’s session was so potent that it reminded me of when I hired my first coach in 1998 and how blown away I was when I first experienced the power of working one-on-one with a coach.

That’s why even though I teach group coaching, I still love working with a handful of private clients, and why I have my own coach.

If you want one-on-one support keep reading this email because this is an exclusive opportunity to coach with me privately to attract and enroll high paying clients, to create a lucrative and leveraged coaching business, to make the impact you’re here to make and to create the life you really want.

When you work with me privately you receive top level access to my 20 years experience as a leader in the coaching industry. You get to leverage the hundreds of thousands of dollars I’ve invested in my sales, marketing and coaching education and mentorship. And you get to tap into all of the lessons I’ve learned earning millions of dollars coaching, so that you can avoid costly and painful mistakes and instead accelerate your success by learning from someone who has been there and done that.

You also get a proven path and surefire systems with lifetime access to my comprehensive online training programs, including Coach & Grow R.I.C.H. Academy and the Group Coaching Success Program. There’s no need for your to reinvent the wheel or engage in costly trial and error.

When we work together we’ll start off with a 2 hour Business Planning Session to map out your 2019 Success Plan, using the Lucrative Lifestyle Coaching Business Blueprint. Then based on your unique situation, we’ll focus on things like fine-tuning your client attraction and enrollment process so that you’re crystal clear about who your perfect ideal clients are and what you help them achieve.

We’ll develop your signature coaching system that you can use with private clients, for group coaching programs or as the foundation for an online course.

We’ll review your packaging and pricing to ensure that your offerings are attractive to potential clients while you’re being well compensated for your services.

We’ll dive into your client attraction process and map out a simple marketing plan based on what you enjoy doing to increase your visibility, lead generation, new client sign-ups and your revenue.

We’ll analyze your current business processes and identify any areas that need to be addressed, whether that’s better systems, hiring team members or overall streamlining.

Imagine having on-going expert coaching, mentoring and guidance so that you have the clarity, confidence and support to take the best results-oriented actions.

Imagine knowing you’re on the right path, with a clear plan about exactly what you need to do to grow your business, revenue and free time this year without getting overwhelmed.

And imagine building your coaching business in a way that feels great and enables you to make a big impact and income while providing for you and your family’s ideal life, lifestyle and financial goals.

That’s what coaching with me is all about… Designing and growing your lucrative and leveraged coaching business where you get to do your best work, make a big impact and live your best life.

If this is the year you truly want to take your coaching business to the next level, working with me privately can help fast-track your success.

Since I provide so much support and access to my private clients, treating your business as if it were my own, this opportunity is very limited to just a few highly committed people who I feel would be a great fit, who I know I could support at a high level and who would be fun to work with.

Speaking of fun…

…I believe that business should be fun and the more fun we have the more successful we become.

So I’m upping the fun factor in 2019 and I’ll be meeting my VIP Clients for an all-inclusive business meets pleasure mastermind retreat in Maui, Hawaii!

That’s right! As one of my 2019 VIP Clients, you’ll be invited to the all-inclusive business meets pleasure mastermind retreat in Maui, Hawaii… All you’ll need to do is get yourself there. Once you land in this tropical paradise, the VIP Experience begins and everything will be taken care of for you.

Imagine this for a moment…

You arrive in Maui and immediately feel more inspired and alive as you breathe in the tropical air and feel the warm sun on your back. You’re greeted at the airport with a beautiful flower lei and are then whisked away to your private hotel room at a beautiful beach-front resort in Kaanapali.

The next morning you wake up refreshed and decide to greet the day with a stroll along the white sand beach as the sun rises over the Pacific. Feeling energized and excited, you walk over to Michelle’s suite for the first day of the retreat.

During the four day retreat we’ll be immersed in the beauty and luxury of magical Maui, working on your business to ensure it is as rewarding and successful as you can imagine. Each day we’ll also have some type of fun excursion, activity or surprise, truly combining work and play.

All of this will help create the perfect environment where you’re fully relaxed with your creativity flourishing so you can explode your business to the next level and do so in a way that allows you to work smarter not harder and have WAY more FUN along the way!

The VIP Client Mastermind Retreat includes 5 nights in your own private hotel room, ground transportation to and from the airport and all of your meals and activities during the 4 day retreat. All you need to do is get yourself to Maui. Once you arrive the VIP experience begins and everything will be taken care of for you!

If you’re ready to take your coaching business to the next level and you’re committed to doing the work and creating the results you want to achieve, I invite you to check out this exclusive opportunity to work with me one-on-one.

There are only 3 spots remaining in my 2019 VIP Coaching and Mentoring Program, so if this opportunity interests you, I encourage you to get your application in right away.

Learn more and apply for VIP Coaching & Mentoring with Michelle here.

If your application is accepted, you’ll receive a link to my online calendar to schedule your interview so we can meet and confirm together that VIP Coaching and Mentoring is right for you.

It would be awesome to work with you and hang out in Maui together!

Here’s to a rocking 2019!