Should you do a sale / special promotion?

Have you thought about doing a special promotion or sale in your business? I remember the first time I did a special offer in my business during the infamous sale weekend after Thanksgiving... ...It was 2012 and my husband and I spent Thanksgiving with friends in...

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I need your advice…

I'm committed to being a valuable resource for you and want to make sure I'm sharing the business building strategies, training and tools that you are most interested in and are relevant to the stage of your coaching business. So would you please take a minute right...

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Halloween, Death and Funerals

I have always loved Halloween.  As a kid, it was about scoring as much candy as possible. In my teenage years, it was a night when I could justify getting into trouble. And as an adult, I have totally loved costuming-up for Halloween parties. Halloween now has a new...

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The Best Time of Year to Launch Your Coaching Group

Ever wonder... "When's the best time of year to launch my coaching group?" First, it's a little bit of a trick question, because the best time to start a group is when YOU are ready and excited to launch one... Right!? Second, you want to consider your ideal group...

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The Big Coaching Myth

There's a big myth in the coaching industry that makes it hard for coaches, especially new coaches, to attract and secure new clients. Want to know what that myth is? The MYTH is that everyone wants coaching. The FACT is that the percentage of people who know what...

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The #1 Way to “Level Up” Your Coaching Business

If you want a thriving, rewarding and profitable coaching business, it takes more than just knowing how to coach... also have to get the business side of things handled! That's why I'm so excited about Melinda Cohan's Easy-Breezy Coaching Business Bootcamp that...

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3 FREE Coaching Business Resources

Have you downloaded the Coaching Business Success Roadmap I passed along from Melinda Cohan of the Coaches Console? Super helpful, right!? If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, I recommend you do it NOW because it's only available free for a few more days... Get Your...

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Success Stories

  • “Thanks to you, your coaching and your program my business is doing great. I’m very specific and I’m very happy to have a unique niche: Mental Golf Coaching. My clients are junior golf talents and I coach around golf, school, family, friends and love, so that the junior talent can reach their goals much easier. Everything is in flow, thanks to you and Coach & Grow RICH!”

    Lisbeth Bender
    Golf & Business Coaching, Denmark

  • “C&GR’s ‘heart-felt, business’ philosophy has added dramatic sizzle to my coaching practice. I have had a 400% increase in revenue. What I used to earn in one month I now earn in one week. I presented a workshop to 77 people and had 1/3 of the audience desire a comp session. 50% of those people became my clients in 10 crazy amazing days. Wouldn’t you like 8 new clients in 10 working days? I have also developed 6 Strategic Alliances which provide me a steady stream of clients and also a beautiful new granite kitchen island. I love C&GR and I love my coaching life!”

    Chere Bork
    Speaker, Coach & Life Balance Enthusiast

  • “Before getting the Coach & Grow R.I.C.H. system I was not even coaching anyone but after I met Michelle at workshop in San Diego I decided to buy it and try it out. The program has a lot of great material that helped me wrap my head around what I was doing and get clearer on my goals. I’m really looking forward to going through the course again and use the material more since I’m really trying to launch my business this year. Michelle’s program helped me to take the first big step – starting my coaching business! I already developed my first website and had the confidence to do it. Now I’m working on starting a group. After going through the program I gained confidence that I can actually do this simply by seeing that so many other people at different levels are currently doing it as well. In the past I was getting stuck at times because I always want to do everything perfectly but now I know that it was holding me back! This is definitely my year!”

    Kim Jones
    Kim Jones Coaching San Diego, CA

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